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The point at which upholstery, recycling, and gardening collide

I never thought that these things would come together.  I mean, recycling and upholstery go hand in hand (reupholstery) and gardening and recycling are common.  But how does upholstery and gardening fit together?

Well, if you run out of containers to grow your seedlings/plants like I did, and you want to use a tin can (like the kind that holds 32 oz of peeled tomatoes), you will need a few holes at the bottom for drainage.  And it turns out, a large upholstery tack, a magnetic tack hammer, and a tack lifter do the job quite well.

IMG_1273 400

Of course, you can use a regular claw hammer, a nail, and maybe a pair of pliers for the same purpose.  But this was easier for me because the upholstery tools are in my tool bag under my kitchen table and the normal household tools are buried in a closet.

Plus: the 14 oz size upholstery tacks make a nice, relatively big hole for the drainage.

IMG_1274 400

Now I can plant my bell pepper seeds and butternut squash seeds.  Again, this is more recycling because I saved them from vegetables I cooked.

IMG_1275 400

And here are two little jack-o-lantern pumpkin plants that are “volunteers” from last years Halloween/Thanksgiving pumpkins which I composted in my yard.

IMG_1276 400

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  1. Mia Johnson Says:

    we should always think about recycling our waste products to help the environment.;’:

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