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Yo-Yo Wreath in Progress

I’m putzing around with an idea for a wreath made out of fabric yo-yos (not the wooden or plastic kind, of course).  I just want to do something light and colorful for Spring since it’s around the corner.

First, I thought I would use a polystyrene wreath.


But I would have a problem covering the sides:


So I’m taking a different approach and will use a willow wreath and tie the yoyos.  Using this kind of wreath, I can let some of the wood stay exposed if I want.

Willow wreath WIN

Here’s a quick tutorial to show how I’m tying them on, but it’s quite simple and you could probably figure it out yourself.

First, using a needle, pull a thread through the center of a yoyo, front to back. You don’t have to knot the thread, but leave a long-ish tail so you can tie it later..  Push the needle behind a piece of the wreath.

Step 1

Then push the needle back through the center of the yoyo, this time going back to front.  Tie the end of the string to the long piece with the needle threaded on it.  Knot it twice (actually, you’ll want to make a square knot, but an overhand knot made twice is almost the same thing) then cut the excess off close to the knot.  One done!


I’ve only gotten a few done because other things around the house have needed my attention, but so far I’m pleased with the results.


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