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Cupcake Madness

I am working on a prototype for a birthday table runner or centerpiece mat to use this gorgeous Lakehouse Dry Goods fabric.


It’s so cheerful and fun, but I don’t want to make toys or a baby/kid quilt out of it (since it looks so tasty it might lead to childhood obesity).  And it’s quilting weight so it’s not thick enough to make an adult apron, although I guess with the right lining I could work it.

I made some appliqué cupcakes of my own design, but in the same style as the cupcakes on the fabric, and sewed them onto 5 inch squares of solid color Kona cotton.


Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate with Vanilla Icing

Mint Grasshopper

These are going to be sewn in a patchwork with other 5 inch squares of Kona cotton and the cupcake print.  This is the layout thus far:

The Left Half

The Right Half

I made another set of four cupcakes, for another “flavor assortment.”  They will go on another table runner.

Watermelon, Chocolate Vanilla Cherry, Strawberry Berry, Chocolate Berry

Chocolate Berry

Strawberry Berry

The border for the table runner will be this fabric, which is slightly darker in real life.

Pink Lakehouse Fabric

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